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SER "Social Energy Renovations: Maximizing social impact and boosting clean energy investments in the non-profit sector through de-risking, aggregation, and capacity building"

logo del progetto SER - Social Energy Renovations

Data inizio: 01/05/2021

Data fine: 31/01/2025

Coordination and support action financed by H2020 Energy (2020-2024)

Persona di contatto ENEA: Alessandro Fiorini, DUEE - SPS - MPE


In Europe, the non-profit sector employs 28 million full-time workers engaged in education, research, housing, counselling, workforce training and other social activities. The sector remains underserved by the financial industry, making it challenging to obtain funding to undertake clean energy investments. 

SER consortium represents an ideal mix of partners including a specialized lender, an ESCO, a financing and de-risking advisory, social impact experts, an energy agency and local replicators. It brings together 7 organizations, from 4 EU countries, to maximize social impact by boosting clean energy investments in the non-profit sector, and to design, set up, and implement an innovative de-risking financing mechanism that entails financing and technical standardization, project aggregation, social impact assessment and credit enhancement.

Through the integrated services provided delivered by the SER HUB, social enterprises gain access to affordable sustainable renovations, coupled with technical assistance, while investors gain access to secure, high impact investments aligned with ESG and impact investment criteria.

SER is positioned to strengthen social impact involving energy poverty mitigation, improvements in social inequality, health, wellbeing, productivity, financial literacy, and overall social cohesion. Activities will initially focus Italy, to be replicated in Bulgaria and France, and exploratory efforts in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

The SER HUB: Social Energy Revolution

Il logo di SERHub in blu e giallo ocra con la scritta sottostante "Social Energy Revolution"

The SER HUB - Social Energy Revolution HUB - provides integrated technical and financial assistance services to Third Sector Organisations (TSOs) in the implementation of their energy efficiency projects in line with the specific sectorial needs and with market changes. SER HUB was officially established on 6 March 2023, when CGM, CGM Finance and Fratello Sole signed the network contract.

SER HUB provides technical assistance along the whole steps of structural renovation and energy retrofitting projects: technical studies, energy audits, legal obligations and consultancy for setting up the most appropriate financial solutions, thanks to collaboration with financial intermediaries and/or “alternative” financing providers alternatives (crowdfunding), as well as through new forms of partnership aimed at supporting larger-scale projects.

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SERVICE4Impact: a tool for energy pre-audit in TSOs buildings

Un'immagine stilizzata del tool SERVICE4Impact per la diagnosi energetica degli edifici con i loghi di ENEA e dell'Unione Europea

SERVICE4Impact is a App designed to carry out, in a simple and accurate way, energy and structural surveys aimed at identifying renovation interventions of properties owned or used by TSOs. The information collected and processed is organized into three different sections:

  • General data (location of the building, type, maintenance status of the systems);
  • Structural investigation to define the main characteristics of the building and the area where it is located;
  • Energy survey to define the main energy characteristics of the building, systems and services.

Data and information processing produces the following outputs:

  • A report of the survey carried out in editable format (accompanied by photos and references to project documents analyzed during the inspection phase);
  • A normalized energy performance indicator for both heating and electricity consumption;
  • A set of energy and structural redevelopment interventions, ordered according to a priority criterion functional to the cost-benefit ratio.

 The experts who conduct the audit on the property can download:

  • A report in .docx format containing all the data of the survey carried out;
  • A file in .csv format containing all the information entered by the technician.

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LOGO UE The SER Project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101024254.

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