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LEAP4SME-Linking Energy Audit Policies to enhance and support SMEs towards energy efficiency

Logo del prpogetto LEAP4SME - Linking Energy Audit Policies to enhance and support SMEs towards energy efficiency

Data inizio: 01/09/2020

Data fine: 31/08/2023

Azione di coordinamento e supporto finanziata dal programma Europeo H2020, grant agreement 893924

Persona di contatto

Enrico Biele (DUEE-SPS-ESE)


LEAP4SME intends to support Member States in establishing or improving national and local schemes for SMEs to undergo energy audits and implement cost-effective recommended energy-saving measures.
An initial work of policy and programme mapping will be followed by an in-depth understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of overcoming the current criticalities and bottlenecks. Provided a continuous interaction (by means of workshops, questionnaires, meetings) with policy makers as well as SMEs and ESCOs/Energy Auditors associations, a set of policy proposals and recommendations will be then developed and diffused.
The priorities guiding the policy and recommendation development will be:
- Effectiveness and orientation to real market needs;
- Integration with other points of the EED, particularly article 7 Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes and alternative measures;
- Replicability, at least for SMEs sector/size/region;
A fundamental part of the project, with a relevant participation requested to each partner, will be a continuous action of capacity building and dissemination addressed to policy makers and relevant stakeholders at European, National and Regional level.
In order to concentrate the efforts on new challenges and to valorise previous efforts, the Consortium is committed to take as much advantage as possible of results obtained in previous pertinent EU funded projects and relevant initiatives such as EEFIG and its related Sustainable Energy Investment Forums.

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