BEST “Business parks Energy positive & Sme energy checkup neTworks”


Data inizio: 01/09/2017

Data fine: 31/08/2020

Finanziato dal programma Europeo H2020 EIT-KIC Climate

Persona di contatto

Segreto Maria-Anna (DUEE-SPS-SEI)


By combining two existing energy saving scans for SMEs, BE+ and SME Energy CheckUp, this project will implement full spectrum energy savings both on individual and regional level by tapping into existing organizations or by creating new Energy Networks if no regional organization exists. The consortium will organize and encourage professional cooperation among business entrepreneurs with a view to achieving maximum energy savings and renewable energy production. The project will also provide a free tool for a simplified checkup in order to allow companies to evaluate the energy efficiency of the production process and to suggest improvement actions aimed at energy saving.